About the Brand


Tripfluencers is a platform for influencers to find and participate in campaigns with travel-related businesses.

What we created


Social Gamma created a presentation deck for the travel influencer platform. We’re experts at condensing large quantities of data into concise and interesting decks, so, using our storytelling expertise, we could explain Tripfluencers complex ideas with clarity and precision.

We designed a modern, sleek logo for Tripfluencers, along with a colour palette featuring bright yellow to complement a toned down deep blue. These connote the themes of holidays and travelling and are all encompassed within the minimalist, easy to read business card.


Colour Palette

Social Gamma created the UI/UX strategy, designed the screens and developed the wireframes for Tripfluencers beta version of the website. It is split into two navigation options, one for the influencers and the other for the clients. By using this unique navigation style, the website has clear User Experience design, simplifying a platform that needs to appeal to two target audiences.

Tripfluencers Image 3

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