About the Brand

Noft is an app to manage your notifications. It is a hub for organising your social media and email notifications more efficiently.

What we created

Social Gamma created a sleek logo, professional and consistent branding, engaging, thought out UI/UX design, and developed the app. We gave Noft a visual identity and color palette that supported the brand’s down to earth, organised characteristics. As a management app, the green helps give the brand a calming, stable feel whilst balancing and harmonising the design, so the audience see it as a solution of stability in their disorder.


Colour Palette

To raise awareness about their brand and the impact it can have on it’s users’ lifestyles using the android app, Social Gamma helped develop on brand social media content for NOFT. This included promoting the premium version of the app, as well as getting new monthly users. With three active channels- Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook – NOFT was able to reach users from different age groups and backgrounds.

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