About the Brand

Nyima Living inspires and encourages individuals to create spaces of intention wherever they go, transforming their physical environment into a place of wellbeing that contributes to an improvement of their lifestyle.

How we developed the brand?

As a new brand on the market, Nyima Living needed an agency that could help them create a branding identity for their company. Social Gamma developed a personality and visual identity for Nyima Living by performing an extensive branding workshop and we started the market research and competitor analysis, as well as target audience and marketing personas before looking into the creative assets that would encompass Nyima Living’s visual identity.

Following on from carrying out the workshop and understanding the personality the client wants their brand to have. We moved on to ideating and creating concepts for the logo which embody their personalities. Below are a few examples of the logo concepts that were generated.

Nyima image 2

What we created?

Using our expertise, we helped Nyima Living determine their brand personality and voice, as well as define their brand story and core values. We then proceeded to create the logo and decide on the ideal colour palette and font family, suitable for their brand. Social Gamma designed a simple and clean logo for Nyima Living using a serif typeface to present itself as luxurious and elegant towards its audience, as well as having a contemporary feel to represent the modern approach this business has. We incorporated a refreshing blue and earthy colour palette to connote message of wellness, calm and design for the audience to appeal to the brand.

Colour Palette

When selecting the colour palette it was important to make sure the colours selected resemble the brand characteristics and personality. The colours were based off the psychological association the colours have with aspects like trust, warmth and calm.

Nyima image 3


Nyima image 4
Nyima image 5
Nyima image 6

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