Client Background


Fruit Street is a 12-month weight loss program specifically designed for people who may be at a risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Their mobile app allows participants to message each other and provides a  mutual network of support for those in the program.


Social Gamma produced engaging web copy for pages on their type 2 diabetes prevention program site. It is where clients and customers find out about their business and contact them, so it is important that the copy reflects who Fruit Street are and what they believe in.

Management and Outcome

To reach new clients, Social Gamma also wrote and created advertisements. Advertising is a quick way to get more traffic to your business. However, this only works if people are actually clicking on the ad. Social Gamma wrote ad copy that encouraged action. Using a combination of originality, creativity and insight, we craft punchy copy that attracts attention and increases the business’ reach.

Platform Used



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