About the Brand

Frontline Justice is an initiative to support the UK’s National Health Service by raising investments and donations to supply UK Hospitals with N95 face masks that will help protect medical staff and their families, as well as other patients who are not infected with COVID-19. 

What we created

To represent Frontline Justice’s ideologies and create a cohesive visual identity, we at Social Gamma designed a clean logo with straightforward typography and icon that presents the brand as a symbol of unity. The colour palette maintains the brand voice through toned down blue that is representational of responsibility and wisdom and gives a sense of professionalism for their cause. Frontline Justice’s simple yet symbolic identity contributes to the authenticity of the brands image and makes it easily identifiable to their audience.


Colour Palette

Using our expertise, Frontline Justice needed to implement the brand in the digital spaces to reach all their audience. We developed the Frontline Justice site to act as a hub for the brand, representational and informational of all of its beliefs and goals, optimised to give it maximum exposure and increased engagement. Instagram was also a great way Social Gamma applied the brand digitally, to connect with the Frontline Justice’s users. Engaging and on trend posts relating to the target audience made them feel involved and grew awareness of the brand.

Frontline Justice image
Frontline Justice image 2

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