Total Ad Spent




37 Leads



$183.97 CPL


E-Page is a medical health startup that focuses on replacing traditional physical pagers with a mobile app for easier and more accessible management.



E-Page needed an engaging and informative digital campaign to generate leads and website clicks for attracting the right investors and establishing their brand. Social Gamma successfully ran LinkedIn campaigns for E-Page to help them leverage their offerings in the health space and to attract the right investors for the initial seed funding. With a defined target audience and objective in mind, on a suitable social platform, this helped E-Page reach new global markets by building an online presence. The ads focused on attracting investments from Physician investors to the tune of $25K to $50K.

Management and Outcome

We successfully ran LinkedIn campaigns that aimed at increasing the website traffic through ad campaigns and lead generation for attracting potential investors. Digital marketing campaigns are a highly effective way to grow businesses and maximise the results of marketing budgets. Social Gamma helped E-Page generate 37 Leads in the initial funding stage. We were able to reduce the Cost per Lead to $183.97 and increase the average Click-Through rate from 0.01% to 0.34%.

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