Ad Spent



845 Leads


$155.05 CPL



CovidMD is a telemedicine platform that provides a risk assessment for COVID-19, educates users about their options, and enables you to video chat with doctors. It is designed to help the public live safely during the COVID-19 pandemic by connecting them with licensed medical professionals.



CovidMD is an innovative and forward-thinking venture set up as an urgent response to the global COVID-19 health crisis. The extreme time pressure meant they needed an agency that could act on its own initiative to guarantee a quick turnaround and a high level of proactive support.

For CovidMD to achieve its potential, securing investment in the platform was essential. They also needed support in the recruitment of physicians and in the promotion of the service to potential users. Social Gamma executed successful investor-focused campaigns on LinkedIn. We targeted individuals who are most likely to invest in a digital health product by utilising lead generation methods, including Sponsored Content Lead Form Ads, Sponsored inMail Ads and Texts Ads. Each converted lead invests a minimum of USD $50,000.

As the table shows, we identified investors across a range of different industries, the majority of whom work in healthcare. At the same time, we ran job advertisement ads on LinkedIn searching for physicians who would be happy to provide video consultations through CovidMD. We also created Facebook ads which comprised a mix of consumer traffic and investor-focused advertisements.

Management and Outcome

Social Gamma continues to manage lead generation, traffic, conversion and job-related campaigns for CovidMD on both LinkedIn and Facebook. We also maintain the website content and support CovidMD with conversion tracking, GTM with external tags, GA management and managing Salesforce integrations.

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