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5 Ways in Which Artificial Intelligence Has Changed Digital Marketing

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Are robots really taking over?

Well, kind of. But not in the way you think! A while ago, AI was considered accessible only to large multinational corporations which had big budgets, data and tech experts. Today, the situation is completely changed. Almost any business, big or small, has some sort of AI tool that helps them in their digital marketing efforts. Whether it’s a chatbot, tools for advertisements or email marketing, there are so many options on the market right now and it has become not only affordable, but also a way to reduce costs in the marketing budget.

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According to Salesforce’s survey, 51% of marketers are already using AI, and 27% more are planning on incorporating this technology in 2019. Marketers around the world are focusing on AI technologies in 2019 and it’s surpassing even the popularity of marketing automatization and Internet of Things (IoT).


5 jaw-dropping changes AI brought to Digital Marketing:



Creating, Generating and Curating Content


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Before all you creatives freak out, there’s nothing in this world that can replace imagination, spontaneity and creativity. So it’s safe to say you don’t have anything to worry about. YET.

Leaving jokes aside, AI has made it possible to generate content based on data and information you provide it with. Imagine not having to write that annoyingly long report ever again. I know, right? It sounds like a very, very, very distant possibility in the future. Except it’s here already, in 2019!

Quill, Wordsmith, Heliograf or Articoolo are just a few of the most popular tools that big publications like Forbes and the Washington Post are already using to drive traffic to their website by just allowing these platforms to access the news data and add it into templates. Associated Press, CBS, Reuters, BBC and the New York Times have plans to implement AI to generate content in the near future. Next time you read a piece on the New York Times, be aware that it might not have been written by a human.


Email Marketing



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Companies are taking advantage of this more and more as AI technologies are now more developed and are able to perform as efficiently and at times, even more efficiently than humans. AI allows businesses to really customize their emails to the characteristics of each individual, which overpowers the abilities of a human being. Machine learning can track down any behavioral aspects, from the time the user prefers to open marketing emails to the type of content he likes and what type of titles will be more likely for him to click on.

Phrasee is one the AI tools that you can use for email marketing and according to their statistics, their “generation of email subject lines surpasses those of a human by over 95%”. 


Digital Advertising


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We know what you’re thinking! This is one of the most obvious examples, but digital advertising had a really smooth and impactful transition to AI technologies. Platforms such as Google AdWords or Facebook Ads are always looking into what people like, where they work, what they do in their spare time and ultimately, their buying behaviour.

Digital Advertising is increasingly important for most companies which operate online and want to push their content/product/services at the top of our feeds or generate leads for their business.

While Google AdWords has been very innovative with their recent auction-based system which allows bidders to pay the lowest amount possible per conversion, we can’t wait to see what the next thing is going to be!


Chatbots and Image Recognition


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This was exciting! Implementing AI technology to allow you to have an actual conversation with a chatbot completely revolutionised the sales process. You can literally find the perfect products from your favourite drug store by chatting with their bot. You want to find a new shampoo that’s suitable for your hair? Done! You can find it in minutes and it’s highly efficient.

It’s always easy, fast and reliable and that makes it so popular today. Consumer goods companies will have to up their game and make friends with the robots in 2019 because if they don’t, their competitors will and sales will go through the roof.

Sephora is one of the brands that upgraded their chatbot, turning it from a regular customer service assistant bot to a beauty-guru-make-up-artist-best-friend kind of bot. It’s called “Visual Artist” and it lets you virtually test out beauty products. It’s INSANE and wonderful at the same time. The AI recognises facial features and adds the eyeshadow, lipstick, contour to your face so that you can see what it would look like. Yes, it’s not the same as if having an in-store experience, but it will save you precious time when you decide to go in the store and buy what you’ve already tested.

Image recognition used to be just about objects, but AI has changed the whole game. It helped recognise facial features and emotions. This could be the end of long queues at the bank and a huge improvement for customer service. Amazon Rekognition is one of the tools that could make all of this possible in the next years.


Seeing Figures Into a Crystal Ball


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Predictive analysis is another great transformation made by AI technology to digital marketing. An analysis made by a software on data from the past can be calculated into future probable figures. That allows you to understand what is likely to happen to your business in the following months or how engagement is going to go on your social media. This is an amazing opportunity for businesses to prevent losses or at least minimise them ahead of time.


Ultimately, AI is making everyone’s lives so much easier as far as digital marketing is concerned. It helps marketers get an in-depth understanding of their audience and their buying behaviour, as well as transforming the user experience. AI is also increasing productivity, efficiency and eventually, ROI. We can’t wait to see what this year brings on next!

The Unrealistic Expectations of Instagram – An International Obsession?

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Let’s face it, Instagram is becoming a part of daily life for many people across the world. The number of consumer usage is vastly growing, and it definitely won’t stop anytime soon. Instagram is constantly creating new ways for consumers and businesses to share content. Thus, meaning more ways to use the app and present daily life across a variety of platforms. 

In recent news, the public has been questioning the obsession consumers are having over the app and the way life is represented online. Posting is endless, from where a consumer’s recent lunch date was, to a recent vacation. The expectation for Instagram is to represent daily life flawlessly, and excitably. Cara McGoogan from The Telegraph stated, “we should not let the quest for the perfect Instagram shot dictate every aspect of our lives”. McGoogan’s statement is certainly impactful and relevant regarding the obsession some consumers have over the application. Social influencers that have made a solid career through posting on Instagram are a prime example. There have been members of the public who have attempted such a lifestyle, and ended up in an extreme amount of debt. All for the cost of a “perfect Instagram shot”. 

In March 2018, the Independent wrote an article on Lissette Calveiro, who uprooted from Miami to New York and aspired to live the “Sex and the City dream”. Whilst living in New York, she was interning which covered little costs, which meant she had to spend savings and take on a part-time job. Calveiro told the New York Post “I was shopping… for clothes to take ‘the perfect ‘gram”. As a result of this, Calveiro racked up $10,000 (£7,256) of debt. This expectation of “the perfect ‘gram” post, resulted in a magnitude of debt. Calveiro admitted to “…a lot of the travel i was doing in 2016 was strictly for Instagram”. The commitment for one single app is outstanding, having the ability to spend an extortionate amount purely for the representation of daily life. 

Calveiro is a prime example of the lengths consumers will go to for the perfect Instagram feed. Going back to McGoogan’s article, she quoted, “art should not imitate life – especially if its an inedible seven-stack burger”. Art is an element to be admired or appreciated, rather than something to be attained. Calverio drastically slowed down her spending after realising the dramatic plummet of finances, and managed to pay off her debt by committing to cutbacks. However, this may not be the case for other consumers who are still striving for the perfect portrayed life. Author Tanya Goodin stated, “… this is just another example of how the relentless pressure [to] have a perfect ‘Instagrammable’ life can get seriously out of hand and cause real problems in real life”. 

Instagram is a great platform, but should definitely be used with caution. The app can portray the perfect, yet occasionally unattainable, lifestyles of others. On occasion, it reflects an unhealthy image of how life should be, but consumers do not need to live up to this. We aren’t saying to boycott Instagram, but to use it with caution. All social media should be used to a certain extent, and certainly not to the level of racking up excessive debt just to have an aesthetically pleasing feed. 

Bitmoji on Tinder – Testing in Mexico and Canada

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When Snapchat acquired Bitmoji in 2016, they have made the “personal emoji” more accessible than ever. CNBC announced in 2017, 60% of snapchats sent to recipients were enhanced by Bitmojis, geofilters and lenses. 

Snapchat initially released filters on their app, diversifying personalisation within the app. The release of bitmojis increased this level even more, allowing for users to create their own online character – for free. Consumer usage of Bitmojis are ever increasing, especially with the accessible links the emojis have. Bitmoji can not only be linked to Snapchat, but also iMessage (Apple), Gboard (Android), and Google Chrome desktop. In the past week, Bitmoji is now being tested for consumer use on, of all apps, Tinder. Users in Mexico and Canada are fortunate enough to connect their Bitmoji accounts to Tinder. In one way, this takes flirting to a whole other level. 

If this testing is approved and accessible to consumers worldwide, this would add another feature to Snapchat’s app, Snap Kit. Snap Kit enables consumers to link their Bitmoji with compatible apps, available all in one place. This app is vastly increasing convenient in-app connectivity, and a fun user experience overall. This is certainly deemed as a more creative approach to seeking love on an online platform. It is also important to note that connecting Bitmoji to a Tinder account doesn’t reveal any personal information. Consumer’s Snapchat handles will not be visible to any potential matches online, they can only see your personal emoji. Result. Snapchat’s decision to release Bitmoji on their app in the first place highlights their care for user experience. Snapchat even redesigned an update on their app which was harshly criticised online. They listen to people. They care about their consumers. Who knows what exciting venture they will announce next.

Snapchat’s capability of connecting with various apps is outstanding. Who wouldn’t want to have their own personal emoji to use on every platform imaginable? Even when it comes to finding love. The combination of Bitmoji and Tinder sounds exciting, and also humorous. It will be very exciting to see how testing goes for Tinder, in the hopes it will be released for all consumers. Be prepared for even more embarrassing, and hilarious, Tinder Nightmare posts. 

Generation Z – A Marketing Sensation?

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With the existence of Generation X and Y, we now have Z. The latest generation. The latest marketing sensation. But, who are they? According to, generation Z comprise of the population born between 1995-2012, falling after millennials. 

With Millennials (born 1977-1997) current population being 71 million, generation Z still has time to catch up, only representing 23 million. Yet, growing rapidly. Social media and online content was a new concept to millennials, but for those born late generation Z? It is simply a part of life. 

Thus, companies should now undertake newly-discovered traits of this generation and implement it into marketing strategies. After all, they are the current age, and future. 

Here are our top three reasons on why your company should target online content for the younger generation: 

  1. Low Effort, Maximum Impact

According to Huffington Post, Generation Z rely on refined and constantly updated sources. They process information faster, but in shorter doses. So, using apps like Snapchat Instagram to update news forums or latest product information is perfect. Generation Z thrives on information in an easy format, meaning less effort for your company in terms of generating content. Stories and Instagram posts aplenty! 

2.  Huge Online Presence

A recent poll in America identified 92% of Generation Z already has a digital footprint. This statistic is outstanding, meaning targeting this audience will not be difficult at all for your brand. The fact that social media and online presence is globally connected, your company can connect to this generation worldwide (especially America, 92% is shocking), rather than just targeting local consumers.

3. Tech Reliant 

As previously said, this generation was born into the ever developing concept of technology. Technology is a way of life for Generation Z. This generation is more tech reliant than any other generation. You go outside? Teenagers and young adults will be on a smartphone. Even younger children are given an electronic device to stay occupied. The use of technology is normalised in society, meaning your company can target consumers on a larger, and longer, scale. 

After reading our top three reasons on how targeting Generation Z can benefit your company, we hope you will consider altering your marketing strategy. Future generations have adapted to resources we created, and Generation Z is yet another example. We have developed a generation riddled with social media content and obsessed with technology. We’re intrigued to discover what the future will hold for the next generation. 

5 Tips to Grow LinkedIn Followers

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Brands use a range of different social platforms for promoting their products or for raising brand awareness. These channels are usually chosen depending on the brands target audience, and can have multiple channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and there are more. The main goal when promoting your brand on these channels is to engage with your audience and spread the news to people. There are a a couple of ways to do that and they include, organic growth or paid growth. 

LinkedIn has grown exponentially in the past years and has become a go to platform for brands to promote their business and products. As any other platform LinkedIn works on a follower base when you set-up a company page, so how do you grow your followers without paying? Here are our 10 tips to grow LinkedIn followers. 

1. When you a create a company page for your brand make sure that your employees add this page as their workplace. This engages your employees connections, and thus leading them to your company page

2. Optimise your content to engage with your audience. The most engaging posts according to LinkedIn’s algorithm is “best-of” type posts. Besides this make sure that same as other channels you are consistent with posting and keep updating and sharing content that is of interest to your audience.

3.  Once you set-up your company page make sure that you add the Linkedin plug-in “follow” button. This offers the option for people that see your company page to follow you thus your content will always appear in their newsfeed. They can share your content easier with their connection.

4. Add a LinkedIn share button on your website, so for example if you have a blog section sharing your content directly is easier and also makes it for people reading your blog to share your content. This leads to more coverage on your brand

5. As the majority of platforms LinkedIn users also respond better to video content. So sharing YouTube videos with your audience can raise your followers and also get better feedback and engagement with your established audience. 

Overall, LinkedIn has become an essential platform for promoting your brand and using these 5 tips for growing your LinkedIn followers organically will definitely  put you on the right road. Remember with organic growth on any platform consistency is key. 

Influencers and Marketing. A match made in heaven!

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Everybody has heard of influencers in today’s world, we all follow our favourite lifestyle blogger, fashion or even food. There is a blog for everything these days and people love receiving tips and tricks from the bloggers they follow. A big part of the growth of influencers and the importance they have today is due to the social media platforms.

As a digital agency in London, influencer marketing is something we come across everybody and it is even a tool we use when asked by clients. But how did digital marketing and influencers, become to inseparable concepts?

Well, If you think about it influencer marketing has actually existed from the start of print advertising . In the 60’s ad agencies started to use celebrities to promote products such as cigarettes, cars and all sorts of thing. So, third party endorsement has always been a marketing technique. But is different in the digital age? It’s not just celebrities now, it’s normal people that have become influencers and have the power of forming opinions of their followers that range inn the thousands and millions.

Influencer marketing has become a gold mine for both marketers and brands, it has created a new way of promoting products in the medium of social media and has become a phenomena. How it works is that usually brands approach influencers that can range from celebrities to the more modern version, Instagram influencers. They usually  have a high following as well as having the same target audience as the brand, and represent the lifestyle that the brand embodies.

Influencers, can range from make-up to food to travel, as mentioned previously so finding a influencer is just the first step. The second step is how the influencer promotes the products offered by the brand. Its usually done through posts, stories and blogs and the goal is to convince the audience to buy.

You may ask yourself how did influencers become such an important part of modern culture? It’s mainly of the penetration of social media platforms in our lives, and the possibility of using the power of platforms to share skills and stories. Also, people tend to relate more to influencers than celebrities as they feel that, they are more real and more trust-worthy.

Overall, influencer marketing has become a real game changer and has allowed regular people to collaborate with dream brands and as also make money. But how long will this phenomena last in the fast-paced changing industry?

Changing the Ad game

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Our previous blog talked about how advertising has evolved on social media platforms and presented the two main platforms that have raised the online advertising game: Facebook and LinkedIn. (

In this blog post, as a digital agency in London and seeing the evolution of what clients ask for, we are talking exclusively about LinkedIn ads and the mystery that is surrounding it lately. It is known that LinkedIn ads are effective but very confusing at the same time, so we are going to break it down to you.

LinkedIn is designed as a social platform but for networking with professionals, it is a more formal platform that concentrates on a persons professional life rather than social. It was founded in 2002 and launched in 2003. At first the network only had approximatively 100,000 users, currently LinkedIn has become a core social platform and has around 500 million users. The growth and the power of LinkedIn has come from the fact that the platform has evolved constantly adapting to what professionals and businesses look for on a platform.

Text ads and Sponsored ads

As LinkedIn Ads can be expensive and to use premium advertising you would need quite a big budget, LinkedIn offers two other options: Text ads and Sponsored content. So what is the difference between the two? Will start by defining them first.

Text ads are the basically ads that appear on your LinkedIn, that are formed only from text and have a clear call to action usually to redirect traffic to a landing page. Sponsored content ads refer to ads that contain a product/service that also contains s an image accompanied with text and a call to action.

When it comes to choosing the right method for your business, you have to keep in mind what your KPI’s are for this campaign, your target audience, budget and a clear call to action. LinkedIn offers you for both ads, declinations of the ads and shows what the most effective format for your campaign is.

Another feature that has put LinkedIn on the map as a game changer, is the accuracy in creating your ad audience. It allows you to target your audience by the domain the work in, profession, and seniority. Indeed this restrains your target audience but at the same time there is a higher rate of conversion. Remember, you can always run multiple ads under the same campaign, so you can play around with your target audience.

Overall, LinkedIn ads is the best option for business to advertise, especially B2B and has a high rate of effectiveness. It is definitely a must in today’s world for online advertising.

The evolution of advertising on social platforms.

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As a digital agency in London we have noticed how marketing has changed over time and have seen that marketing on social platforms has had a great growth in the last years. Brands today prefer advertising on social media platform, it has been proven that online ads have brought in sales and generated traffic, managing to achieve the brands goals.


Advertising on social platforms really changed the moment when Facebook implemented the option for Facebook businesses, now you are able to create online ads that correspond to your target customers and allow you to grow your business this way. After launching an ad campaign on Facebook, the platforms allows you to visualise the effect of your campaign by providing your business with data about the performance. It is best, for interpreting the data to have a specialist who can analyse it and then implement a retargeting campaign that may have better results than the original campaign.

One of the most recent and sought out online ad system right now is LinkedIn ads. LinkedIn is  the platform that has revolutionised how people communicate in an online business platform designed as social platform. They now have brought in this new feature and everybody wants in. But why? Well, as mentioned it is a more professional orientated platform, offering business a new way to target their. Audiences. Also, there are a lot of people that use LinkedIn either having a profile or for a business aIso there is a high traffic on the platform.

When creating ads on these platforms it is essential to know your target audience in order to have the most effective result. You can read  are previous blog about the importance of knowing your target audience for social media. As well as finding the right combination of visual and copy, to attract viewers to click on your ad, thus redirecting them to you website.

Overall, as a digital agency in London,  it is very interesting to be part of this digital world, we are always learning new thing and are always interested in the newest digital innovations.

Have You Seen My Story?

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Stories have become one of the main and adored feature for social platforms today, it allows people to share even more content than before. Stories started from Snapchat and gradually Facebook has incorporated them  in to Instagram and even WhatsApp. The way stories function is that you take a picture, video, boomerang, or even write something and you post it to your profile, one you post people that follow you can see it and it’s up for 24 hours.

So how can something like Instagram stories help grow your brand? This blogpost will present four reasons why Instagram stories can actually help your story.

1. The number of people that use Instagram stories. Currently 200 million people use Instagram stories on a daily basis it has outgrown Snapchat, through the fact that Instagram stories are easier to comprehend and use while many users found Snapchat rather difficult. The fact that there is a massive composition of Instagram stories can really benefit your brand. As it gives you an even greater exposure, and keeps you engaged constantly with your followers as well as having a higher percentage of appearing in peoples searches.

2. They’re interactive. Instagram keeps updating its features including the stories options, and make them interactive, so connecting with your customers and having a more direct relationship is achievable. One example of a feature Instagram has implemented that enables a closer relationship with your followers is the polling feature. You can ask your followers what they think about a certain topic/product and receive feedback as well as engaging with them. This helps you as a brand to have a direct feedback from your customers and they feel more implicated with your brand.

3. Grow traffic. It seems a bit weird that a simple 20 second video can make drive traffic and even sales. Instagram stories offers business profiles that have over 10k followers the option to add your story the link to ypour website. It’s done through a swipe up feature, that once swiped opens up your URL. This has been a big game changer for business on Instagram because the tendency of users is to swipe up thus growing traffic and sales.

4. They are fun. At the end of the day the best thing about Instagram stories as a business is that you can approach and so some many things on stories. You can add stickers, gifs, videos and pictures as a business they really are crucial for engaging with customers and promoting the brands values. But remember they can be really fun and humour is one pf the things that users engage with.

So, if you’re not using Instagram stories by now make sure you get on top of them right away. Remember the benefits can be really good but keep it funny and simple.