You want your brand to be unique and stand out in every way possible. Social Gamma’s design services can help you achieve that. The key is to communicate your message with clarity and style while always remaining innovative and generating fresh ideas for your brand.



The branding process encompasses all design and marketing processes to create a strong identity for your company. From logos and promotional materials, to reputation and brand voice, there are a diverse range of important elements that complete your branding identity. It can serve as a marketing tool to raise awareness, change the perception of consumers and increase the value of your brand. 




Branding is an essential business element for your brand to become distinguishable from other companies through its identity. Moreover, it will contribute to the authenticity of your company’s image and perception and most consumers will take authenticity into consideration before deciding to purchase, like or support your business.



Social Gamma aims to provide clean, authentic and informative branding for businesses looking to build a strong company identity. Creating dynamic branding that customers recognise will establish your unique position in the market, in addition to building customer trust.

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A Bit More About Branding

Brand Identity and Logo Design


Brand identity is a collection of visual and text components that construct the face of your brand. Through representing your brand message, ideologies and concepts with a bold identity, it will allow a clear understanding to customers of what the business does and stands for. Your audience’s ability to instantly recognise your brand with identifiable visuals is a sign of strong brand identity.

Brochure Design


Effective brochure design is essential for brands interested in distributing any information-based promotional documents. As a common marketing tool used to advertise products or services, there is flexibility to the format with how the information is presented in addition to the physical product design.

Digital Design


Digital design is an extensive term which covers any sort of visual communication that exists in a digital format. Design that presents information or data, brand implementation and typographical elements for digital distribution is a usual example of standard digital design. As the term is more widely used, it now can cover areas of presentation design, infographics, UI/UX design and specific styles of illustration.


Case Studies

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Managed Ad Spend of $62,674.46
Generated 241 leads
Achieved $260.06 CPL

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Generated 10 leads
Achieved CPL £290.70
Achieved CTR 0.41%

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